Support Coordination Services

Support Coordination Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme can be difficult to navigate for participants and their families. A Support Coordinator will help you understand what funding you have available in your NDIS plan and assist in linking you to the supports you need. Support Coordination can be an option to empower you in your decisions. You will receive support to better understand your NDIS funding, supports and service providers available to you and how much it will cost you out of your plan.  Support Coordinators aim to build your choice and control by helping you to make informed decisions about your NDIS funding. Support Coordinators can also help you prepare for plan reviews and help in advocating for your needs. Support Coordination is funded under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Capacity building category as Support Coordination.

Support Coordinators help you to:

  • Coordinate informal, mainstream and funded supports
  • Make informed decisions about your NDIS plan and funding
  • Coordinate supports from a range of service providers
  • Develop your capacity
  • Connect with your informal, formal and community supports
  • Resolve difficult situations more efficiently

Types of Support Coordination Services:

Support Connection – The Support Coordinator will provide resources and support to increase your ability to connect with supports you need to pursue your NDIS goals.

Support Coordination – This Support Coordinator will provide support to increase your skills in understanding and implementing your NDIS plan. The Support Coordinator will work with you to ensure you receive a variety of supports to pursue your NDIS goals, live more independently, exercise choice and control and build meaningful relationships and community engagement.

Specialist Support Coordination –This is the highest level of support coordination. This is suitable for participants with more complex and high support needs. Your Specialist Support Coordinator will endeavour to coordinate consistent service delivery and optimise health outcomes. This is provided by a professional with an allied health background or psychological experiences such as a Social Worker or Occupational Therapist. Specialist Support Coordinators will provide all services outlined above, but also may provide specialist support coordination services depending on a participant’s situation and higher levels of risk. Participants who face additional barriers and have time-sensitive matters would benefit from these services provided by Statewide Health and Human Services.

For more information about NDIS and Support Coordination Services, please click here Support Coordination | NDIS

At Statewide Health and Human Services, we are able to provide all three levels of support coordination services.

If you would like to receive Support Coordination Services or require assistance in accessing the NDIS, we can assist you.
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